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The intellectual talent of Johnny Mercier, the musician/composer is attributed to a handful of distinct yet universal influences through inspired aspirations. With his sincere love for God, a deep hunger for knowledge and a wicked sense of humor, this Brooklyn bred artist is taking the music industry by storm. As a pianist, organist, producer, arranger and composer; Mercier is driven to leave his musical mark on the world as a whole.

As a cutting edge composer, his music can be heard across the globe both on the silver screen and on stage; Mercier delivers his talent with deliberate intention. Having reflected on a quote from Steve Harvey, Mercier knee that having a “Plan B” in his music career was not an option. He continues to incorporate his talent and business into a successful career in the entertainment world.

Johnny Mercier launched his music career at the age of 18 in his hometown of New York City. He found that recording and composing allowed him to express himself and document his ideas in a compelling form. His talent matured with every song created and every standing ovation after a stage performance. As Mercier’s career grew, so did his revelation on how music can compel positivity in the world and throughout society.

Delivering multi-dimensional sounds to his clients and his fans worldwide, Johnny Mercier continues to bring encouragement, peace, and a sense of joy through his music. As an accomplished pianist and organist, Johnny has devoted his life to honing his talent. Mercier has studied with the most accomplished music artists of our time including Mulgrew Miller, Marc Cary, who was named Billboard’s Best New Jazz Artist (2000), Joel Weiskopf, and James Williams. Johnny has also toured with jazz saxophonist and Grammy award winner Kenny Garrett.

Throughout Mercier’s career, he has accompanied chart topping soul, R&B, and gospel artists including Anthony Hamilton, Kim Burrell, Vickie Winans, and (insert name) Paula White. He has served as a musical director for several artists including Sunshine Anderson who’s single “Heard It All Before” was certifies gold by RIAA. As a composer, he composed the music for “Stones Cried Out” in 2010 that was featured in the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. Johnny Mercier maintains that his priority is in creating innovative music as a note-worthy producer, writer, arranger, and composer.

“I feel alive when I am in the studio recording music. A studio or stage becomes sanctuaries for me, a place where I can have a conversation and honestly express my emotions. Music, for me, primarily is a conversation”.